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What is a dark empath personality type? Our definition

What are dark empaths? Our dark empath definition describes the dark empath personality type as one that consists of the dark triad of traits. This includes psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. This combination makes a person who struggles with emotional empathy and relies on cognitive empathy. They have a great understanding of other people’s circumstances and perspectives. However, there are no emotions involved, which makes it easy for them to manipulate others.

The dark empath meaning can be understood if you link both a self-centered narcissist and a wise empath together in one person. The result is considered quite dangerous because they can use your emotions to get what they want out of you.

What is a Dark Empath Personality Type? 6 Traits & 7 Signs | QHHT Official Website (1)So, what is dark empathy?

The new most dangerous personality type is a dark empath. This is not necessarily a personality disorder, but more like a personality type. A typical empath is often spoken about. They are sensitive people who can sense people’s emotions. They use emotional empathy, or affective empathy, to truly understand someone’s situation or circumstance. On the other hand, a dark empath has difficulties computing empathy. They make use of cognitive empathy to understand someone’s situation.

Cognitive empathy is understanding someone else’s perspective without having to add in the emotions on your part. Dark empaths do have real emotions, and they even have a heightened awareness of the emotions of others. However, they use this deep understanding as a way to get what they want from people. This makes them a dangerous personality type. They use this knowledge as a tool for manipulation by activating their dark triad traits. That way, they can shut down the emotional factor.

We have already mentioned that the dark empath dangers include three toxic personality types. Narcissists, Machiavellianism, and the psychopath. Narcissism is when someone displays grandiosity over their experience and possessions. They are ego-based people, who will make you feel at fault for everything. Machiavellianism is the absence of a conscience. The lack of morality gives them an exploitative demeanor which they use to manipulate and extort others. Psychopathy is when someone keeps to themselves and only care for themselves.

Dark empaths are not hell-bent on hurting their partners, family members, or friends. They simply know what they want, and will make sure they get it – even at the cost of someone else’s emotional well-being.

The 7 dark empath signs

To understand the dark empath, you need to be able to identify them. Here are 7 signs of a dark empath. By understanding these dark empath symptoms, hopefully, you will be able to work out whether your partner is a dark empath – or possibly yourself.

What is a Dark Empath Personality Type? 6 Traits & 7 Signs | QHHT Official Website (2)Their relationships are only about them

When in a relationship, a dark empath cannot help but make everything about them. If their partner is going through something, they emphasize the effect it has on them, instead of being there for them.

Always gossiping

Dark empaths love to seem like they are above everyone. They receive this by putting other people down by gossiping about their misfortunes. Not only that, but they will spin truths about someone to try to change other people’s opinions of them for their benefit.

Gas-lighting and guilt-tripping

One of the dark triad personality traits in dark empaths is narcissism. In this regard, dark empaths will stop at nothing to seem like they are on top of everything. They will gaslight their partners, making them feel like they were the ones at fault. Dark empaths also have a high capacity for guilt induction. They will guilt trip, anyone, to get what they want.

Use people for their benefit

Dark empaths can love, and receive love. They are more than capable of thriving in a relationship, but when they want something, they will use people and their emotions to obtain it.

Thrive off dark humor

Dark empaths have a love for malicious humor. They will laugh at other people whom they deem beneath them, as well as use sarcasm as a form of indirect aggression. They do this to belittle you and make themselves feel better – even if they do not realize it.

Keep people at an emotional distance

Dark empaths tend to keep people at an emotional distance. They can deeply understand how other people feel. But they keep their feelings to themselves. They distract people with their wit, charm, and confidence.

Use your feelings as ammunition

Emotional intelligence is one of the dark empath’s strong suits. They can deeply understand the feelings of others, and their perspectives. They can then use those feelings as a way to manipulate you into doing something for them.

What is a Dark Empath Personality Type? 6 Traits & 7 Signs | QHHT Official Website (3)Dark Empath traits & characteristics

If you have nodded your head to every sign mentioned above, you might want to know a bit more. Here is a list of six dark empath characteristics and personality traits.

Heightened awareness

Believe it or not, dark empaths are highly sensitive to the feelings of others. They may not feel the emotion as their own, but they do understand it. They use this ability to control other people’s emotions as well, manipulating them into agreeing to something they usually wouldn’t.

Charming at first

Dark empaths make a great first impression. They want people to like them, and many times it can be a mutual relationship. but, if you do not give them what they want, they can turn nasty in no time at all.

Sense of entitlement

Dark empaths know what they want, and they feel that they deserve it. Even if it affects someone else, they are adamant.

Extroverted and charming

A dark empath is an agreeable person most of the time. They are charming when you first met them and they captivate you with their confidence and dark sense of humor. In the beginning, they shower you with compliments, and you are hooked from the get-go. However, this is part of their manipulation strategy.

What is a Dark Empath Personality Type? 6 Traits & 7 Signs | QHHT Official Website (4)Low self-esteem and self-loathing

Dark empaths have seriously low self-worth. This might not seem obvious at first because they are naturally confident and they have big egos, but this is only the face they put on. They need constant validation to feel good about themselves.

Mental Health is questionable

Dark empaths are notorious for struggling with their mental health. One of their most prominent personality traits is having low self-esteem. They tend to think badly of themselves, but at the same time, they distort their reality in such a way that they fool even themselves.

Dealing with a dark empath in relationships

If you find yourself in a relationship with a dark empath, there are some things to take note of that will protect you from the manipulative aspects of your partner. The dark empath will captivate your heart with their seemingly understanding nature, and agreeable personality. They will make you laugh, and they will shower you with compliments. However, this is all a ruse. They are using these positive traits to mask the negative ones.

As soon as things do not go their way, they will become nasty and start gaslighting or guilt-tripping you. Dark empaths in a relationship are completely self-absorbed. They might not realize when their partner is going through something, because their reality is more important.

Dark empaths are often referred to as toxic empaths because they are very manipulative. They make you believe you are at fault all of the time, and they tend to belittle you with their dark humor. Trying to get close to your partner is going to be difficult if they are dark empaths because they keep people at an emotional distance. In some cases, the best thing to do is keep yourself at an emotional distance as well.

Try this quiz to see whether or not your partner is a dark empath or not.

Wrap up guidance

From the most charming person in the room to the nasty guilt-tripper who bullies you and thinks it’s funny. Dark empaths are the aster manipulators of our population.

Our Key takeaways on dark empaths

We will all meet a dark empath at some point in our lives. Perhaps you already have. We hope this article was informative enough for you to be more prepared when you find yourself in the company of such an empath in the future.


Dark empath vs light empath: what’s the difference?

The main difference between a light empath and a dark empath is the type of empathy they possess. A dark empath is capable of cognitive empathy, which is understanding other people’s perspectives and feelings without actually feeling the emotion themselves. whereas, a light empath uses affective empathy. this means they feel the emotions of others as if they were experiencing them themselves.

Dark empath vs narcissist: what’s the difference?

The main difference between empaths and narcissists is their ability to empathize, or lack thereof. A narcissist is unable to put themselves into the shoes of others at all, whereas a dark empath is very much capable of empathy, but t is cognitive empathy instead of emotional empathy. This enables them to get what they want from someone without having to attach emotions to the situation.


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